Hello, and welcome to Third-Option Ideas! Here we focus on shared, innovative, and expansive ideas. This is your hub for our flagship product, the Peripety Role Playing Game TM, a new d20 based Tabletop RPG designed to be innovative, expansive, and setting agnostic. Under the OGL, the game itself is published here for free for your usage and participation in the public play test. During the play test, we will be raising funds to renovate and enhance your experience and ability to engage with the platform. 

Under the Open Game License, the game rules are publicly available, and re-publishable. We provide this OGL Content as well as the development of a new Public Copyright which allows the user (that’s you) to share your campaigns, characters, settings, and other aspects of the RPG which normally require copyrights to publish. Here is a platform for all the gamers out there with their own settings, stories, characters, and other content which they may have never been able to monetize before, by using them to create shared franchises, where other users may jump into your setting and produce content for your world.

The goals of Third-Option Ideas are to cultivate and facilitate the creativity and ingenuity that gamers in the Tabletop RPG communities have had this entire time, and give them the tools they need to monetize their creations. To make this happen we’re going to need to make some fundraising goals, and to that end we present the Playable Beta Playtest for the Peripety Role Playing Game. We want your involvement! Give your input, share your ideas, and help turn this idea into the best platform it can be to provide you the best RPG experience you never knew you needed. Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy the product!

-Marshall, Sole-Proprietor, Third-Option Ideas, LLC

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