Anatomies, Cosmology

Anatomies [Cosmology]


HD d10 (Small or Medium)

DEX +6; WIS +6; CHA +6

[Damage Resistance (Evil)] [Energy Resistance III (Positive)]

[Holy Aura] [Holy Smite] [Planar Magic]

+2 on [Alertness] [Perform] [Schooling]

Immune to all Diseases and Poisons, Starving and Suffocating, Ignore Restrictions on Magic Feats

✦ANGEL✦ +6 CON; [Idealist] Innocence 10

[Healing Touch] [Neutralize Poison] [Remove Disease]

Deva [Daylight] [Supernatural Flight]

Ishim [Inspire feat] [Adapted Wings (Feathery)]

✦FAIRY✦ +6 INT; [Benefactor] Mercy 10

[Damage Resistance (Cold Iron)] [Faerie Magic] [Keen Senses]

Alfar [Dragon Magic] [Sixth Sense]

Pixie [Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Invisibility II]

✦VAETTIR✦ +6 STR; [Crusader] Honor 10

[Armor Proficiency] [Martial Weapon Proficiency] [Warrior]

Einherjar [Improved Weapon Proficiency] [Weapon Focus]

Valkyrie [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] [Shield Focus]


CON +4; INT -4; WIS +4; CHA -4

[Elemental Weapon] [Energy Resistance II] [Material Physiology]

Immune to Sleep and the Starving and Suffocating Conditions

✦ACID✦ +4 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

[Burrowing] [Natural Armor]

Acid [Improved Sunder] *(Liquid)

Earth/Metal [Carapace] *(Solid)

Radiation [Breath Weapon- Acid (Cone)] *(Plasmic)

✦COLD✦ +4 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

[Balance] [Regeneration]

Cloud/Fog [Breath Weapon- Cold (Cone)] *(Gaseous)

Ice [Improved Trip] *(Solid)

Water [Improved Bull Rush] *(Liquid)

✦ELECTRICITY✦ +4 DEX; +2 on [Agility]

[Hover] [Improved Tumble]

Air [Improved Overrun] *(Gaseous)

Electret/Magnet [Improved Disarm] *(Solid)

Lightning [Breath Weapon- Electricity (Line)] *(Plasmic)

✦HEAT✦ +4 DEX; +2 on [Agility]

[Fast Movement] [Spider Climb]

Fire [Run] *(Plasmic)

Lava/Magma [Breath Weapon- Heat (Line)] *(Liquid)

Steam [Breath Weapon- Heat (Cone)] *(Gaseous)


HD d10 (Small or Medium)

STR +6; CON +6; CHA +6

[Damage Resistance (Good)] [EnergyResistance III (Negative)]

[Unholy Aura] [Unholy Blight] [Planar Magic]

+2 on [Alertness] [Deception] [Schooling]

Petrified by [Daylight] or [Sunlight], regaining flesh in darkness, Ignore Restrictions on Magic Feats

✦ABERRATION✦ +6 WIS; Blind; [Zealot] Bigotry 10

[Blindsight] [Frightful Presence] [Keen Senses] [Telepathic]

Pteravermid [Adapted Wings (Leathery)] [Vermin Physiology (Bobbit)]

Roper [Adapted Weapon- Bite] [Vermin Physiology (Polyp)]

Xothian [Anthropomorphic] [Animal Physiology (Cephalopod)]

✦DEMON✦ +6 DEX; [Destroyer] Vengeance 10

[Darkvision] [Rapid Metabolism] [Regeneration]

Asura [Adapted Appendage (Arms)] [Multiattack]

Shedim [Adapted Weapon- Tail] [Adapted Wings]

Sluagh [Adapted Wings (Leathery)] [Adapted Weapon- Claw]

✦DEVIL✦ +6 INT; [Malefactor] Ego 10

[Adapted Wings (Leathery)] [Darkvision] [Deadly Touch]

Gargoyle [Blacklight] [Damage Resistance (Adamantine)]

Imp [Adapted Weapon- Sting] [Invisibility II]

Satyr [Adapted Weapon- Tail] [Dragon Magic]

Jinn (Genie)

CON +6; INT +6; CHA +6

[Abundant Step] [Darkvision] [Planar Magic]

[Shapechanger] [Supernatural Flight VI]

+2 on [Alertness] [Negotiation] [Schooling]

Immune to Sleep, Starving and Suffocating. Ignore Restrictions on Magic Feats

Ghoul +6 STR; [Observer] Objectivity 10

[Energy Resistance III (Negative)] [Vampiric Assault]

Hinn +6 WIS; [Indecisive] Ambivalence 10

[Animal Physiology] [Keen Senses]

Ifrit +4 STR, +2 DEX; [Dominator] Hierarchy 10

[Energy Resistance III (Heat)] [Fluid Form]

Jann +6 DEX; [Judge] Authority 10

[Inquisitor] [Fluid Form]

Marid +4 STR, +2 DEX; [Rebel] Freedom 10

[Aquatic] [Fluid Form]

Shaitan +2 STR, +4 DEX; [Egalitarian] Equality 10

[Emotional Manipulation] [Fluid Form]

Zodiac (Animal)

HD varies; Speed varies

INT -2; WIS +6; CHA +2

[Damage Resistance (Silver)] [Keen Senses] [Powerful Aura]

+2 on [Alertness]

Immune to Suffocating

✦ARANEUS✦ [Carapace] [Vermin Physiology]

d6 (Tiny); +4 STR, +6 DEX; +2 on [Stealth]

Apis [Dodge] [Graceful Assault] (Vespine)

Cancer [Aqualung] [Improved Grapple] (Crab)

Scorpio [Silent] [Spider Climb] (Scorpion)

✦AVIS✦ [Animal Physiology] [Improved Maneuverability]

d6 (Small); -2 STR, +6 DEX, +4 CHA; +2 on [Agility]

Aquila [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] [Graceful Assault] (Raptor)

Corvus [Dodge] [Hover] (Passerine)

✦DRACO✦ [Dragon Physiology] [Natural Armor]

d10 (Medium); +6 STR, +4 DEX, -2 INT; +2 on [Survival]

Lacerta [Rapid Metabolism] [Track] (Drake)

Serpens [Aqualung] [Swallow Whole] (Wyrm)

✦PISCIS✦ [Animal Physiology] [Aqualung]

d6 (Small); +6 STR, -2 DEX, +4 CON; +2 on [Athletics]

Dorado [Adapted Weapon- Gore] [Improved Critical] (Piscine)

Volans [Adapted Weapon- Bite] [Adapted Wings (Leathery)] (Batoid)

✦VIRGO✦ [Animal Physiology] [Natural Armor]

d10 (Medium); +4 STR, +4 DEX; +2 on [Endurance]

Leo [Pounce] [Silent] (Feline)

Taurus [Powerful Build] [Toughness] (Bovine)

Ursa [Powerful Assault] [Track] (Ursine)

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