Anatomies, Nature

Greater Anatomies [Nature]

Liminal Herald (Fae)

HD varies; Speed varies

CON +4; INT -2; WIS +4 (adjust STR/DEX for size)

[Anthropomorphic] [Animal Physiology]

[Damage Resistance (Iron)] [Keen Senses] [Natural Armor]

Gain all the benefits of [Animal Physiology], but only part of the form

Hippocentaur +4 DEX; Legs replaced with (Equine) body, always Mounted

[Mounted Attack] [Spirited Charge]; d10 (Large)

Faun +4 CHA; Legs replaced by hind (Bovine) legs

[Bardic Knowledge] [bonus Perform Feat]; d8 (Small)

Gorgon +4 CHA; Legs replaced by (Serpentine) tail, snakes for hair

[Enticing Gaze] [Stunning Gaze]; d8 (Medium)

Minotaur +4 STR; Head and legs replaced with (Bovine) build

[Improved Weapon Proficiency] [Intimidate]; d10 (Medium)

Onocentaur +4 DEX; Legs replaced by hind (Equine) legs

[Bluff] [Martial Weapon Proficiency]; d8 (Medium)

Sylvan (Fae)

HD varies; Speed 20

CON +8; WIS +4; CHA -4

[Keen Senses] [Energy Resistance II (Electricity)]

[Regeneration (Chemical, Cold, or Heat)]; +2 on [Alertness]

Sustained with only water and sunlight, Immune to sleep

Greenfolk +2 STR; +2 on Any Skill

[Bonus Feat] [Fast Movement or Plant Physiology]; d6 (Medium)

Leshy +4 STR, -2 DEX; +2 on [Survival]

[Hardy] [Natural Armor]; d8 (Medium)

Spriggan -2 STR, +4 DEX; +2 on [Stealth]

[After Image] [Sleight of Hand]; d6 (Small)

Treant +8 STR, -4 DEX; +2 on [Schooling- Nature]

[Anthropomorphic] [Plant Physiology (Tree*)]; d8 (Large)

Nymph (Fae)

HD d10 (Tiny-Medium); Speed 30

DEX +6; WIS +6; CHA +6

[Enticing or Stunning Gaze] [Damage Resistance (Iron)]

[Faerie Magic] [Keen Senses] [Shapechanger]

+2 on [Alertness] [Schooling (Nature)] [Survival]

Add CHA to AC and Saving Throws, but only in correct terrain or weather

✦AUTUMN (CHEMICAL) [Breath Weapon] [Elemental Weapon]

Auriad (Wind) +2 STR, +4 DEX

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Invisibility]

Dryad (Trees) +6 CON

[Abundant Step] [Natural Armor]

Hesperiad (Sunset) +4 STR, +2 DEX

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Blacklight]

Oread (Mountains) +6 STR

[Burrowing] [Carapace]

✦SPRING (ELECTRICITY) [Breath Weapon] [Energy Resistance II]

Hyad (Storms) +6 DEX

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [After Image]

Kissiad (Ivy) +4 STR, +2 DEX

[Neutralize Poison] [Spider Climb]

Leimoniad (Meadows) +4 DEX, +2 CON

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Animal Whisperer]

Pagaiad (Springs) +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON

[Aqualung] [Healing Touch]

✦SUMMER (HEAT)[Breath Weapon] [Energy Resistance II]

Alsead (Groves) +4 STR, +2 CON

[Wildland Stride] [Invisibility]

Anthosyad (Flowers) +6 DEX

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Remove Disease]

Heliad (Sunlight) +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Daylight]

Naiad (Freshwater) +4 STR, +2 DEX

[After Image] [Aqualung]

✦WINTER (COLD)[Breath Weapon] [Energy Resistance II]

Auloniad (Valleys) +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON

[Burrowing] [Deadly Touch]

Chioniad (Snow) +2 STR, +4 DEX

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Elemental Weapon]

Haliad (Seawater) +2 STR, +4 CON

[Animal Whisperer] [Aqualung]

Meliad (Evergreen) +2 STR, +4 CON

[Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Natural Armor]

Lesser Anatomies [Nature]

Fauna (Animal)

HD varies (Diminutive-Medium); Speed varies

CON +4; INT -8; WIS +4

[Animal Physiology] [Keen Senses]; +2 on [Alertness]

Train [Agility, Alertness, Animal Affinity, Athletics, Endurance, Stealth, and Survival] only

✦BIRD✦ [Endure Elements] [Rapid Metabolism]

d4; -2 STR, +6 DEX, +4 CHA; +2 on [Agility]

Aequornith (Diminutive) [Aquatic] (Gallinaceous, Penguin, Raptor)

Ancient (Tiny) [Fleet Footed] (Ratite)

Fowl (Diminutive) [Toughness] (Gallinaceous, Passerine)

Modern (Diminutive) [Scout] (Gallinaceous, Passerine, Raptor)

✦FISH✦ [Blindsight] [Endure Elements]

d10; +6 STR, -2 DEX, +4 CON; +2 on [Athletics]

Bony (Diminutive) [Toughness] (Piscine)

Cartilaginous (Tiny) [Natural Armor] (Batoid, Piscine)

Jawless (Tiny) [Aqualung] (Serpentine)

Mollusk (Small) [Improved Grapple] (Cephalopod)

✦HERPETILE✦ [Natural Armor] [Rapid Metabolism]

d6; +6 STR, +4 DEX, -2 INT; +2 on [Stealth]

Amphibian (Diminutive) [Aqualung] (Batrachian, Chelonian, Saurian, Serpentine)

Crocodilian (Tiny) [Chomp] (Saurian)

Reptile (Diminutive) [Intimidate] (Batrachian, Chelonian, Saurian, Serpentine)

Toxicofera (Diminutive) [Venomous] (Batrachian, Saurian, Serpentine)

✦MAMMAL✦ [Endure Elements] [Natural Armor]

d8; +4 STR, +4 DEX; +2 on [Survival]

Predator (Tiny) [Track] (Canine, Feline, Piscine, Musteline, Ursine)

Primate (Tiny) [Adapted Weapon- Bash or Tail] (Simian)

Rodent (Diminutive) [Burrowing] (Chiropteran, Leporine, Murine)

Ungulate (Medium) [Toughness] (Bovine, Cervine, Equine, Pachadermal, Porcine)

Fauna (Vermin)

HD varies (Micro-Tiny); Speed varies

CON +4; INT -; WIS +4

[Vermin Physiology] [Blindsight]; +2 on [Stealth]

Train [Agility, Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Stealth, and Survival] only

✦ARTHROPOD✦ [Carapace] [Spider Climb]

d4 (Fine); +6 STR, +4 WIS, -2 CHA; +2 on [Survival]

Arachnid [Silent] (Crab, Scorpion, Spider)

Crustacean [Aqualung] (Crab, Lobster, Shrimp)

Insect [Dodge] (Dragonfly, Flea, Fly, Formic, Scalewing, Shieldwing, Straightwing, Vespine)

Myriapod [Venomous] (Multipede)

✦CNIDARIAN✦ [Aqualung] [Acrobat]

d6 (Tiny); -2 STR, +4 DEX, +6 CON; +2 on [Athletics]

Anemone [Combat Reflexes] (Colonial, Polyp)

Coral [Carapace] (Colonial)

Hydroid [Regeneration] (Medusa, Polyp)

Jellyfish [Venomous] (Medusa)

✦PARASITE✦ [Pathogenic Disease] [Plaguespreader]

d12 (Microscopic); +4 STR, +6 DEX, +2 CHA; +2 on [Stealth]

Amoeba [Aqualung] (Pathogen)

Bacteria [Rapid Metabolism] (Pathogen)

Helminth [Hypermetamorphosis] (Worm)

Virus [Vigor] (Pathogen)

✦SPIRALIAN✦ [Aqualung] [Toughness]

d8 (Diminutive); +6 STR, -2 DEX; +4 CON, +2 on [Endurance]

Annelid [Burrowing] (Leech, Worm)

Bristleworm [Burrowing] (Bobbit)

Bivalve [Carapace] (Clam, Oyster)

Gastropod [Spider Climb] (Slug, Snail)

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