Anatomies, Arcana

Greater Anatomies [Arcana]

Chimeric Herald (Animal)

CON +4; INT -6; WIS +4

[Animal Physiology] [Natural Armor]; +2 on [Alertness]

✦HART✦ +4 CON; d6 (Small); (Cervine)

[Silent] [Toughness]; +2 on [Stealth]

Capricorn [Adapted Weapon- Tail] [Aqualung]

Calgryhound [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Adapted Wings (Feathery)]

Peryton [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] [Improved Maneuverability]

✦LIGER✦ +4 DEX; d8 (Small); (Feline)

[Pounce] [Track]; +2 on [Survival]

Griffon [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Adapted Wings (Feathery)]

Merleon [Adapted Weapon- Tail] [Aqualung]

Pteraleon [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] [Improved Maneuverability]

✦STEED✦ +4 STR; d10 (Medium); (Equine)

[Fast Movement] [Run]; +2 on [Athletics]

Hippogriff [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Adapted Wings (Feathery)]

Hippocampus [Adapted Weapon- Tail] [Aqualung]

Pegasus [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] [Improved Maneuverability]


HD d12 (Tiny)

STR +6; CON +6; CHA +6

[Dragon Physiology*] [Dragon Senses] [Natural Armor]

+2 on [Athletics] [Survival]

Immune to Sleep and Stunning, ignore restrictions on Magic Feats

✦FERAL✦ +6 STR, +4 DEX; -4 INT; *(Drake, Lindwyrm, Longma, Wyvern, Wyrm)

[Frightful Presence] [Rapid Metabolism] [Track]

Guivre [Adapted Wings (Leathery)] [Breath Weapon]

Tarasque [Burrowing] [Carapace]

Vishap [Aqualung] [Run]

✦HYDRA✦ +6 STR, -4 DEX, +4 CON; *(Lindwyrm, Wyvern, Wyrm)

[Adapted Appendage (Head)] [Multiattack] [Rapid Metabolism]

⦁ (Cryo/Pyro)hydra [Elemental Weapon (Cold or Heat)] [Regeneration]

Leviathan [Aqualung] [Regeneration]

Zmey [Adapted Wings (Leathery)] [Breath Weapon (Electricity or Heat)]

✦JIAOLONG✦ +6 DEX, +6 WIS; *(Lindwyrm, Longma, Wyrm)

[Adapted Weapon- Gore] [Breath Weapon] [Supernatural Flight]

Falunlong [Dharmic Scales] [Planar Magic]

Huanglong [Change Shape (Hominid)] [Bonus Feat]

Longwang [Change Shape (Animal)] [Imperial Scales]

✦PENDRAIG✦ +6 STR, +6 INT; *(Drake, Lindwyrm, Wyvern)

[Breath Weapon] [Damage Resistance**] [Dragon Magic]

Chromatic [Adapted Wings (Leathery)] [Chromatic Scales] **(Magic)

Fey [Adapted Wings (Membranous)] [Faerie Magic] **(Cold Iron)

Metallic [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] [Metallic Scales] **(Adamantine)

Energic Herald (Animal)

CON +4; INT -6; WIS +4

[Animal Physiology*] [Energy Resistance II]; +2 on [Alertness]

✦CHEMICAL✦ +4 DEX, +4 CHA; +2 on [Stealth]

[Breath Weapon- Chemical (Line)] [Darkvision] [Stunning Gaze]

Basilisk [Venomous] *(Saurian or Serpentine) d4 (Medium)

Cocatrice [Elemental Weapon- Chemical] *(Gallinaceous) d6 (Tiny)

✦COLD✦ +4 STR, +4 CON; +2 on [Athletics]

[Elemental Weapon] [Keen Senses] [Natural Armor]

Kraken [Improved Grapple] *(Cephalopod) d12 (Large)

Yeti [Anthropomorphic] *(Ursine) d10 (Medium)

✦ELECTRICITY✦ +STR, +4 DEX; +2 on [Agility]

[Elemental Weapon] [Improved Maneuverability] [Keen Senses]

Amphiptere [Adapted Wings (Feathery)] *(Serpentine) d6 (Small)

Impundulu [Vampiric Assault] *(Gallinaceous or Ratite) d8 (Small)

✦HEAT✦ +4 DEX, +4 CON; +2 on [Agility]

[Elemental Weapon] [Keen Senses] [Regeneration]

Phoenix [Healing Touch] *(Passerine or Raptor) d12 (Tiny)

Salamander [Breath Weapon (Cone)] *(Saurian) d8 (Small)

✦NEGATIVE✦ +4 STR, +4 CHA; +2 on [Endurance]

[Darkvision] [Deadly Touch] [Pass Without Trace]

Barghest [Adapted Weapon- Claw (Double)] *(Canine) d8 (Medium)

Bicorn [Adapted Weapon- Gore (Double)] *(Equine) d10 (Medium)

✦POSITIVE✦ +4 DEX, +4 CHA; +2 on [Endurance]

[Darkvision] [Healing Touch] [Supernatural Health]

Unicorn [Adapted Weapon- Gore (Oversized)] *(Equine) d10 (Medium)

Caladrius [Remove Disease] *(Passerine) d12 (Diminutive)

Lesser Anatomies [Arcana]

Familiar (Animal)

HD varies (Diminutive); Speed varies

STR -2; CON +2; INT +6

[Animal or Vermin Physiology] [Keen Senses] [Polyglot]

+2 on [Schooling]

Able to read, speak, and bond with hominids and Animals

✦CRINOSE (Animal)[Endure Elements] [Natural Armor]

d10; +4 STR, +4 DEX; +2 on [Survival]

Carnivore [Track] (Canine, Feline, Porcine, Musteline)

Primate [Adapted Weapon- Bash or Tail] (Simian)

Rodent [Burrowing] (Chiropteran, Leporine, Murine)

✦LAMELOSE (Animal)[Fast Metabolism] [Natural Armor]

d8; +6 STR, +4 DEX, -2 INT; +2 on [Stealth]

Amphibian [Aqualung] (Batrachian, Chelonian, Saurian, Serpentine)

Archosaur [Adapted Weapon- Bite] (Ratite, Saurian)

Reptile [Intimidate] (Batrachian, Chelonian, Ratite, Saurian, Serpentine)

✦PLUMOSE (Animal) [Endure Elements] [Fast Metabolism]

d6; -2 STR, +6 DEX, +4 CHA; +2 on [Agility]

Aequornith [Aquatic] (Gallinaceous, Penguin, Raptor)

Ancient [Adapted Weapon- Claw] (Ratite, Saurian)

Modern [Scout] (Gallinaceous, Passerine, Raptor)

✦SQUALID (Vermin)[Carapace or Toughness] [Spider Climb]

d4; +6 STR, +4 WIS, -2 CHA; +2 on [Survival]

Arachnid [Silent] (Scorpion, Spider)

Gastropod [Aqualung] (Slug, Snail)

Insect [Dodge] (Dragonfly, Scalewing, Shieldwing, Straightwing, Vespine)


HD d10 (size varies); Speed varies

DEX -4; CON +4; INT –

[Blindsight] [Keen Senses] [Material Physiology]

+4 on [Stealth]

Blind; Immune to mind-affecting effects, including sleep

Gelatinous Cube (Large) *(Solid)

[Adapted Weapon- Bite] [Camouflage]

[Improved Grapple] [Swallow Whole]

Jelly (Small) *(Liquid)

[Camouflage] [Elemental Weapon (Chemical)]

[Improved Grapple] [Spider Climb]

Ooze (Medium) *(Liquid)

[Breath Weapon (Chemical)] [Elemental Weapon (Chemical)]

[Improved Grapple] [Spider Climb]

Pudding (Large) *(Liquid)

[Adapted Weapon- Bite] [Elemental Weapon (Chemical)]

[Improved Grapple] [Swallow Whole]

Vapor (Small) *(Gaseous)

[Adapted Weapon- Sting] [Breath Weapon (Chemical)]

[Elemental Weapon (Chemical)] [Venomous]

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