Anatomies, Culture

Anatomies [Culture]



HD d6 (Medium); Speed 30

DEX +2; CON -2

[Keen Senses] [Run]; +2 on [Alertness]

+2 on Initiative

Adumbral Elf [Darkvision or Lucifugous] [Poison Focus]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Deception]

Aquatic Elf [Aqualung] [Bane Attack (Merrows)]

+2 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

Brilliant Elf [Conclusive Search] [Outfitter or Scribe]

+2 INT; +2 on [Investigation]

Sylvan Elf [Bane Attack (Orcs)] [Track]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Survival]


HD d8 (Medium); Speed 20

CON +2; DEX -2

[Darkvision or Lucifugous] [Hardy]; +2 on [Expertise]

Speed never reduced by Encumbrance

Azer/Barbegazi [Elemental Weapon(Heat/Cold)] [Endure Elements]

+2 STR; +2 on [Endurance]

Hill Dwarf [Appraise] [Supernatural Health]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Survival]

Mine Dwarf [Blacksmith or Engineer] [Bane Attack (Goblinoids)]

+2 INT; +2 on [Mechanics]

Mountain Dwarf [Bane Attack (Giants)] [Weapon Focus]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Athletics]


HD d6 (Small); Speed 20

STR -2; CON +2

[After Image (Su)] [Keen Senses]; +2 on [Perform]

+1 on all CL Checks and related DCs

Azer/Barbegazi [Elemental Weapon(Heat/Cold)] [Endure Elements]

+2 DEX; +2 on [Endurance]

Forest Gnome [Animal Whisperer] [Bardic Knowledge]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Animal Affinity]

Leprechaun [Appraise] [Invisibility (Su)]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Stealth]

Rock Gnome [Alchemist or Lapidary] [Bane Attack (Kobolds)]

+2 INT; +2 on [Alertness]


HD d4 (Small); Speed 20

STR -2; DEX +2

[Bravery] [Keen Senses]; +2 on [Athletics]

+1 on all Saving Throws

Outrider [Bane Attack (Goblinoids)] [Ride]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Animal Affinity]

Strongfoot [Pass without Trace] [Uncanny Defense]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Stealth]

Tinkerling [Diligent] [Engineer or Trapsmith]

+2 INT; +2 on [Expertise]

Youngling [Persuasive] [Charm]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Negotiation]


HD d6 (Medium); Speed 30


[Bonus Feat] [Ability Focus]; +2 on Any Skill (no duplicates)*

two bonus Alignment ranks

Half-Elf [Keen Senses] [Run]

+2 DEX; +2 on [Alertness]

Half-Giant [Keen Senses] [Powerful Build]

+2 CON; +2 on [Athletics]

Half-Orc [Darkvision] [Diehard]

+2 STR; +2 on [Survival]

Human [Bonus Feat] [Open Minded]

+2 Any Ability; +2 on Any Skill (no duplicates)*


HD (As parent Anatomy); Speed As parent Anatomy

Abilities and skill bonus as parent Anatomy*

[Darkvision] [Energy Resistance or Powerful Aura]

Born of any Hominid Anatomy, adopting physical Abilities, HD, Size, and Speed

Aasimar (Elioud) [Daylight] [Healing Touch]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Alertness]

Dhampir [Energy Resistance III (Negative)] [Keen Senses]

+2 STR; +2 on [Deception]

Orisha [Sixth Sense] [Supernatural Health]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Magical Aptitude]

Tiefling (Mugharribun) [Adapted Weapon- Tail] [Blacklight]

+2 INT; +2 on [Stealth]



HD d6 (Medium); Speed 40

+2 DEX; -2 WIS

[Cat Fall] [Keen Senses]; +2 on [Agility]

Spend a Reaction to reroll a Reflex save

Catfolk [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Parkour]

+2 CON; +2 on [Alertness]

Leonal [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Plyometrics]

+2 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

Lynx (Neko) [Emotional Manipulation] [Escape Artist]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Deception]

Sphynx [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Silent]

+2 INT; +2 on [Stealth]

Gnoll (Hyeninoid)

HD varies; Speed 40

CON +2; INT -2

[Keen Senses] [Track]; +2 on [Survival]

Considered flanking when an ally is threatening the same foe, improved Scent

Bouda [Animal Whisperer] [Stunning Gaze]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Animal Affinity]; d4 (Small)

Flind [Improved Weapon Proficiency (Flails)] [Powerful Build]

+2 STR; +2 on [Athletics]; d8 (Medium)

Hyenafolk [Run] [Scout]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Alertness]; d6 (Medium)

Leucrocotta [Emotional Manipulation] [Ventriloquism]

+2 DEX; +2 on [Deception]; d6 (Small)


HD varies; Speed 30

+2 DEX; -2 WIS

[Blindsight] [Telepathic]; +2 on [Alertness]

Maintain links with [Telepathic] creatures within 50 miles

Dromite [Energy Resistance] [Ki]

+2 CHA; d4 (Small)

Formite Drone [Carapace] [Natural Armor]

+2 CON; d6 (Medium)

Formite Queen [Adapted Wings] [Psion]

+6 INT; d8 (Medium)

Formite Worker [Adapted Wings] [Powerful Build]

+6 STR; d8 (Large)


HD d8 (Medium); Speed 30

CON +2; INT -2

[Darkvision] [Adapted Weapon-Tail]; +2 on [Agility]

Use scent for [Alertness], [Survival], and [Negotiation]

Lizardfolk [Aqualung] [Bane Attack (Merrows)]

+2 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

Naga [Bane Attack (Sylphs)] [Venomous]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Deception]

Troglodyte [Camouflage] [Sickening Aura]

+2 DEX; +2 on [Stealth]

Zmeu (Dragonborn) [Breath Weapon] [Dragon Magic]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Schooling (Arcana)]

Sylph (Ornithoid)

HD varies; Speed 40

STR -2; DEX +2

[Improved Maneuverability] [Keen Senses]; +2 on [Alertness]

Talons can be used like hands. Feathered Wings with hands replace arms, excluding Garuda

Avoral [Adapted Wings] [Scout]

+2 WIS; d6 (Medium)

Birdfolk [Adapted Wings] [Run]

+2 CHA; d4 (Small)

Garuda [Adapted Wings] [Bane Attack (Reptilians)]

+2 CHA; d8 (Medium)

Tengu [Ki] [Martial Feat]

+2 CON; d6 (Medium)

Undine (Ichthyoid)

HD d6 (Medium); Speed 10

DEX +2; WIS -2

[Aqualung] [Keen Senses]; +2 on [Athletics]

Legs replaced with (Cephalopod) Tentacles or (Piscine) Tail

Cecaelia [Adapted Weapon- Tentacle*] [Double Attack]

+2 INT; +2 on [Stealth]

Merfolk [Adapted Weapon- Tail*] [Spirited Charge]

+2 CON; +2 on [Agility]

Siren [Adapted Weapon- Tail*] [Bardic Knowledge]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Perform]

Triton [Animal Whisperer] [Bane Attack (Merrows)]

+2 STR; Land speed is 30 (Bipedal)



HD d10 (Large); Speed 40

+6 STR; -4 DEX

[Keen Senses] [Illiterate]; +2 on [Athletics]

Throw and catch Small, Medium, or Large objects as Thrown Weapons

Cyclops [Appraise] [Elemental Weapon (Electricity)]

+2 INT; +2 on [Investigation]

Ettin [Adapted Appendage (Head)] [Repression]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Alertness]

Jotun [Bane Attack (Dwarves)] [Endure Elements]

+2 CON; +2 on [Endurance]

Ogre [Darkvision] [Intimidate]

+2 CON; +2 on [Deception]


HD varies; Speed 30

DEX +2; WIS -2

[Lucifugous] [Uncanny Defense]; +2 on [Stealth]

Fatigued by [Daylight] or [Sunlight]

Blue [Ki] [Psionic Meditation]

+2 INT; d4 (Small)

Bugbear [Sneak Attack] [Vicious Attack]

+2 STR; d8 (Medium)

Goblin [Bane Attack (Any)] [Keen Senses]

+2 CON; d6 (Medium)

Hobgoblin [Silent] [Sneak Attack]

+2 DEX; d6 (Small)


HD d4 (Small); Speed 30

STR -2; DEX +2

[Darkvision] [Sixth Sense]; +2 on [Investigation]

+2 on attack rolls against Surprised foes

Goblin Kobold [Sneak Attack] [Trapsmith]

+2 INT; +2 on [Mechanics]

Domestic Kobold (Brownie) [Bluff] [Diligent]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Expertise]

Draconic Kobold [Dragon Magic] [Metamagic Feat]

+2 CHA; +2 on [Magical Aptitude]

Reptilian Kobold [Bane Attack (Gnomes)] [Opportunist]

+2 CON; +2 on [Stealth]


HD d8 (Medium); Speed 30

STR +2; INT -2

[Keen Senses] [Diehard]; +2 on [Survival]

Can use scent for [Alertness] or [Survival]

Ashen Orc [Darkvision] [Intimidate]

+2 CON; +2 on [Endurance]

Orcneas (Half-Elf/Goblinoid) [Bane Attack (Any)] [Track]

+2 DEX; +2 on [Agility]

Orog (Half-Giant/Troll) [Illiterate] [Powerful Build]

+2 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

Verdant Orc [Animal Whisperer] [Wildland Stride]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Alertness]

Merrow (Deep One)

HD d8 (Medium); Speed 40

CON +2; CHA -2

[Aqualung] [Blindsight]; +2 on [Alertness]

Endure hours on land numbering 8+ CON before Suffocating

Adaroh [Adapted Appendage (Arms or Tail)] [Keen Senses]

+2 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

Locathah [Lucifugous] [Sickening Aura]

+2 WIS; +2 on [Athletics]

Malenti (Sea Elf) [Keen Senses] [Run]

+2 DEX; +2 on [Deception]

Sahuagin [Animal Whisperer] [Keen Senses]

+2 INT; +2 on [Animal Affinity]


HD d12 (Medium or Large); Speed 30

+4 CON; -2 DEX; -4 INT

[Lucifugous] [Regeneration (Acid or Heat)]; +2 on [Alertness]

Petrified by [Daylight] or [Sunlight], becoming HD 13+ STONE Statues

Cave Troll [Burrowing] [Intimidate]

+2 STR +4 CHA; +2 on [Deception]

Forest Troll [Adapted Weapon- Claw] [Double Attack]

+2 STR +4 WIS; +2 on [Survival]

Mountain Troll [Brachiation] [Endure Elements]

+4 STR +2 WIS; +2 on [Endurance]

Sea Troll (Scrag) [Aqualung] [Improved Grapple]

+6 STR; +2 on [Athletics]

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