Evolution Feats

Evolution Feats

Animal Physiology: Body has listed traits.

Batoid swim 60* [Aqualung*]

+4 DEX; Sting (Contagion); Wing (Double)

Batrachian land 40 [Plyometrics]

+4 DEX; Tentacle (Reach)

Bovine land 40 [Spirited Charge]

+4 STR; Gore (Versatile); Hoof (Double)

Canine land 40 [Improved Trip]

+4 STR; Bite (Trip)

Cephalopod land 20; swim 30* [Aqualung*]

+4 INT; 4 Tentacles (Double)

Cervine land 40 [Hold the Line]

+4 CON; Gore (Trip); Hoof (Double)

Chelonian land 20 [Carapace]

+4 STR; Bite (Wound)

Chiropteran land 20; fly 40 [Blindsight]

+4 DEX; Bite (Grab)

Equine land 50 [Mount]

+4 STR; Hoof (Sunder)

Feline land 50; climb 25 [Catfall]

+4 DEX; Bite (Grab); Claw (Double)

Gallinaceous land 20; fly 40 [Run]

+4 CON; Gore (Wound); Wing (Double)

Leporine land 50 [Plyometrics]

+4 STR; Bite (Wound); Claw (Double)

Murine land 40; climb 20 [Improved Sunder]

+4 INT; Bite (Sunder)

Musteline land 40 [Sickening Aura]

+4 CON; Bite (Wound); Claw (Double)

Pachydermal land 40 [Damage Resistance (P)]

+4 CON; Bite (Oversize); Gore (Wound); Hoof (Sunder)

Passerine land 20; fly 60 [Fascinate]

+4 CHA; Gore (Parrying); Wing (Double)

Penguin land 20; Swim 40 [Acrobat]

+4 DEX; Gore (Wounding); Wing (Double)

Piscine swim 60* [Aqualung*]

+4 CON; Bash (Oversize); Bite (Wound)

Porcine land 30 [Hardy]

+4 CON; Bite (Versatile); Hoof (Oversize)

Raptor land 20; fly 80 [Flyby Attack]

+4 DEX; Claw (Grab); Gore (Wounding); Wing (Double)

Ratite land 50 [Run]

+4 STR; Claw (Double); Gore (Wound); Wing (Double)

Saurian land 30 [Run]

+4 STR; Bite (Grab); Tail (Trip)

Serpentine land 20 [Swallow Whole]

+4 STR; Bite (Grab)

Simian land 30 [Brachiation]

+4 INT; Bash (Grab)

Ursine land 40 [Improved Grapple]

+4 CON; Bite (Wound); Claw (Double)

Adapted Appendage: Grow an extra limb(s). Survive decapitation if head(s) remain. Can be taken multiple times.

Adapted Weapon: Gain or improve [Natural] weapons with one Trait.

Can be taken multiple times.

(All) (Concealed, Contagion, Finesse, Impact, Non-Lethal, Oversized, Parrying, Reach, Versatile, Wounding)

(Bite, B&P) (Grab, Keen, Sunder, Trip)

(Claw, S) (Double, Grab, Keen, Trip)

(Gore, P&S) (Double, Keen, Trip)

(Bash, B) (Grab, Double, Sunder, Trip)

(Hoof, B&P) (Double, Keen, Sunder)

(Sting, P) (Double, Grab, Keen)

(Tail, B) (Grab, Reach, Sunder, Trip)

(Tentacle, B) (Double, Grab, Trip)

(Wing, B&S) (Double, Keen, Trip)

Adapted Wings: Grow wings for flight. Fly speed doubles land speed. Flying Subjects increase fly speed by half.

Anthropomorphic: Assume bipedal hominid characteristics.

Apex Species (Fauna): Grow one size, gain +4 CON; or gain 3 Ability Boosts.

Aqualung: Immune to Suffocating underwater, gain [Aquatic]. Swimming Subjects increase swim speed by half.

Bioluminescence: Improve Lighting within 20ft one step, use at will.

Breath Weapon: Every 1d4 rounds breathe a line or cone. Each time this feat is taken: increase damage one step (max d12), add a condition, increase the range, or increase the DC by 2.

DC= 10+ level+ CON.

(Cone 15ft, 30ft, 60ft, 120ft)

(Line 30ft, 60ft, 120ft, 240ft)

⦁ Damage is 1d4/level, Reflex halves. Choose: Chemical, Cold, Electricity, Heat, Negative, or Positive.

⦁ Conditions last rounds numbering CON, Fortitude reduces this to 1 round.

Burrowing: Gain a burrow speed equal to ½ land speed, to be used in SOIL.

Carapace: Body grants a Shield bonus numbering STR modifier (based on Carrying Capacity). Improved with [Shield Focus].

Chomp (Bite (Grab, Oversized)): Treat Bite as a Heavy Weapon, double STR on Damage Rolls with Bite Attacks. Considered one size larger when using Bite to Grapple.

Chromatic Scales (Chromatic): Draconic scales associate energy, [Breath Weapon] shapes, and gain [Energy Resistance II]. Gain listed Alignment ranks and feats.

Azure (Cold) Cone; (Ego 5)

[Aqualung] [Malefactor] [Ventriloquism]

Gules (Heat) Cone; (Vengeance 5)

[Appraise] [Destroyer] [Planar Magic]

Tenne (Electricity) Line; (Bigotry 5)

[Burrowing] [Intimidate] [Zealot]

Vert (Chemical) Line; (Freedom 5)

[Burrowing] [Faerie Magic] [Rebel]

Damage Resistance: Gain DR/(B, P, or S), DR/(diamond, iron, or silver), or DR/(alignment or magic) numbering level. Can be taken multiple times: the second time applying either of two requirements to bypass DR, the third time applying both, the fourth time gaining DR/- instead.

Devastating Critical: Improve critical threat range with [Natural] Weapons by 1.

Dharmic Scales (Falunlong): Draconic scales associate [Breath Weapon] and grant [Energy Resistance III]. Gain listed Alignment and feats.

Dilong (Chemical) Line; (Objectivity 5)

[Burrowing] [Skeptic] [Remove Disease]

Fucanglong (Heat, Negative) Line; (Ego 5)

[Burrowing] [Dragon Magic] [Malefactor]

Shenlong (Cold, Electricity) Cone; (Objectivity 5)

[Dragon Magic] [Faerie Magic] [Skeptic]

Tianlong (Positive) Cone; (Honor 5)

[Crusader] [Holy Aura] [Holy Smite]

Dragon Physiology: Body has listed traits.

Drake land 40 [Toughness] +6 CON

Bite (Grab) Claw (Double) Tail (Trip)

Lindwyrm land 40 [Run] +6 CON

Bite (Grab) Claw (Double) Tail (Oversize)

Longma land 50 [Mount] +6 STR

Gore (Wound) Hoof (Double) Tail (Trip)

Wyvern land 20, fly 60 [Venomous] +6 DEX

Bite (Grab) Sting (Contagion) Wing (Double)

Wyrm land 20 [Improved Grapple] +6 STR

Bash (Sunder) Bite (Wound) Tail (Grab)

Dragon Senses: Gain [Blindsight], [Darkvision], and [Keen Senses]; train and gain a +4 on [Alertness].

Empathic Bond: Bond with a Master, sharing personal spells cast within 120ft. Anatomy HD= Master’s level. Use ½ the Master’s level for d20 rolls. When the Master reaches 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels gain one bonus [General, Martial, or Skill] feat. These feats are shared with the Master within 120ft.

Energy Resistance: Gain ER/(Chemical, Cold, Electricity, Heat, Negative, or Positive) numbering level doubled. Can be taken multiple times, to improve or gain new ER. Improve ER once, gain immunity and a Weakness to its opposite (gaining ER negates this); Twice allows healing by that energy; Thrice removes the Weakness.

Enticing Gaze: With a Quick action, a target must succeed on a Will save or be Confused and Friendly for rounds numbering CHA. DC= 10+ level+ CHA. Requires eye contact.

Flamboyant: Body has bright or unusual pigmentation. +6 CHA, train any CHA based skill.

Fluid Form: Body flows through crevices and into containers with enough volume. Reduce (B, P, and S) Damage by half without Magical Quality. Never fail [Agility] checks or fall Prone. Lose all [Damage Resistance].

Flyby Attack (Fly Speed): Split flight movement before and after attacking. When using Pursuit, make an Opportunity Attack if the target is in range.

Frightful Presence: Foes or Hostile Subjects within 30ft must make a Will save or become Frightened. DC = 10+ level+ CHA. Subjects that succeed are immune to this effect for 24 hours. At 5th level this works within 60ft, at 10th within 90ft, and at 15th within 120ft.

Full-Grown Animal (Animal): Grow one size; all [Natural] Weapons gain one appropriate trait, +6 CON. Without Class HD, treat BAB as good.

Gigantism: Grow one size, +2 STR & CON.

Graceful Assault (DEX 15): Apply DEX, rather than STR on damage rolls with [Finesse] [Natural] Weapons.

Heraldic Blessing: Gain one blessing each time this feat is gained (max 6).

(Eagle's Nobility) +4 CHA

(Hare’s Speed) +4 DEX

(Hound's Acuity) +4 INT

(Lion's Courage) +4 STR

(Stag's Foresight) +4 WIS

(Wolverine's Resilience) +4 CON

Holy Aura (Good 10): Add CHA to saving throws and AC. All allies within 20ft have access to [Aligned Weapon- Good] and use it with a Free Action.

Holy Smite (Su) (Good 10): 1/day use a Quick Action to add CHA to Attack Rolls & CHA and Good ranks on Damage Rolls.

Hover (Fly Speed): Maintain aerial position when flying without a skill check.

Hypermetamorphosis (Vermin Physiology): Grow one size and improve one [Natural Weapon] with an appropriate trait. Can be taken multiple times. Without Class HD, treat BAB as good.

Invisibility (Su): 1/day vanish from sight, including equipment. Reappear after taking offensive action, or 1 hour. If taken twice, remain invisible regardless of actions taken. Dismiss at will.

Imperial Scales (Longwang): Draconic scales associate animal form, [Breath Weapon], and grant [Energy Resistance III] and the listed Alignment and feats.

Bai (Feline, Chemical) Cone; (Objectivity 5)

[Aqualung] [Bravery] [Skeptic]

Hei (Chelonian, Cold) Line; (Mercy 5)

[Aqualung] [Benefactor] [Scholar]

Qing (Serpentine, Electricity) Line; (Innocence 5)

[Aqualung] [Faerie Magic] [Idealist]

Zhu (Gallinaceous, Heat) Cone; (Hierarchy 5)

[Aqualung] [Dominator] [Planar Magic]

Lucifugous: Gain [Darkvision] and [Keen Senses]; Blind in Daylight/Sunlight.

Magical Beast: [Carapace], [Natural Armor], and [Natural] Weapons become Magical (including the +2 Quality bonus).

Material Physiology: Body has listed traits.

Gaseous land -, fly 80; +4 DEX

[Fluid Form] [Supernatural Flight II]

⦁Liquid land 30, swim 60; +4 STR

[Aqualung] [Fluid Form]

Plasmic land 40, fly 90; -2 STR, +6 DEX

[Fluid Form] [Supernatural Flight II]

Solid land 20; +6 STR, -2 DEX

[Powerful Assault] [Rigid Form]

Megafauna (Fauna): Grow two sizes.

Metallic Scales (Metallic): Draconic scales associate [Breath Weapon]. Gain [Energy Resistance II (any combination)] and the listed Alignment ranks and feats.

Copper Cone, Fatigued; (Equality 5)

[Maverick] [Planar Magic] [Spider Climb]

Gold Line, Restrained; (Authority 5)

[Judge] [Planar Magic] [Shapechanger]

Platinum Line, Stunned; (Honor 5)

[Crusader] [Holy Aura] [Planar Magic]

Silver Line, Friendly; (Mercy 5)

[Benefactor] [Charm] [Shapechanger]

Mount (STR 15): Carry a rider one size smaller, same size with [Powerful Build].

Multiattack (Natural Weapons): Elect a -2 penalty on Attack Rolls, use each [Natural] Weapon (including Double) with any Attack or Charge Action.

Natural Armor: Body grants an Armor bonus numbering CON. Improved with [Armor Focus].

Ocular Anatomy: Immune to Surprise, +4 on visual [Alertness] checks.

Pathogenic Disease (PARASITE): Infect by contact or inhalation (within 5ft) Fortitude= 10+ level+ CHA. Symptoms onset every 1d6 Shifts, 1d4 Hours at 5th level, 1d10 Billings at 10th. Check onsets with Fortitude or [Endurance]. Symptoms: One listed Condition until the next onset, HP damage numbering the PARASITE’s current HP, and 1d4 Ability Damage. Success negates Conditions and Ability Damage, halves HP damage, and inflicts HP damage to the PARASITE numbering the check (doubled on a Natural 20).

Can be taken multiple times, improve: +1 Condition, +1 DC, gain second Ability Damage, or increase one Ability Damage Dice one step.

Amoebic DEX or WIS (Diarrhea)

Dehydrated, Encumbered, Fatigued, Nauseated, Writhing

Bacterial STR or INT (Pharyngitis)

Confused, Fatigued, Soaked, Suffocating, Writhing

Viral CON or CHA (Fever and/or Pox)

Bleeding, Dehydrated, Fatigued, Soaked, Writhing

Worm STR or CON (Emaciation)

Encumbered, Fatigued, Nauseated, Starving, Writhing

Plaguespreader: Carry and spread one PARASITE, (ignoring its Symptoms) with HD numbering level. Natural Weapons gain the Contagion trait.

Pygmy: Shrink one size, +2 DEX.

Plant Physiology: Assume plant form. Immune to Electricity, but Weak to Chemical, Cold, and Heat. Speed 10ft.

⦁Agave (Succulent)


⦁Aloe (Succulent)

⦁Ash (Tree)


⦁Birch (Tree)

⦁Blossom* (Flower)

⦁Bluebell (Flower)



⦁Cactus (Succulent)


⦁Chrysanthemum (Flower)

⦁Conifer* (Tree)


⦁Crocus (Flower)

⦁Daffodil (Flower)

⦁Daisy (Flower)

⦁Dandelion (Flower)

⦁Deciduous* (Tree)



⦁Geranium (Flower)



⦁Hyacinth (Flower)

⦁Iris (Flower)


⦁Juniper (Tree)

⦁Lily (Flower)


⦁Lotus (Flower)

⦁Maple (Tree)


⦁Oak (Tree)

⦁Orchid (Flower)

⦁Palm (Tree)

⦁Peony (Flower)

⦁Poppy (Flower)


⦁Rose (Flower)



⦁Snowdrop (Flower)

⦁Stonecrop (Succulent)

⦁Sunflower (Flower)


⦁Tulip (Flower)




⦁Willow (Tree)

Raging Assault (CON 15): Gain the Hostile condition for 1d4 rounds to add CON to attack and damage rolls. Become Confused and Fatigued for 1 round after.

Regeneration: Recover HP numbering CON 1/round, excluding damage from a weakness. Regrow limbs 1/day, or in 1d4 rounds with [Rapid Metabolism].

Rigid Form: Body retains shape and internal consistency, Reduce (B, P, and S) Damage by half without [Improved Sunder]. Add CON or Material Hardness to AC as Armor. Immune to Bleeding.

Shapechanger (Su): (Re-)Equip to change forms. Gain the size, physical description, and all the Anatomy feats of one Lineage. Ignore inappropriate feats while transformed. Can be taken multiple times, selecting a new Anatomy and Lineage.

Sickening Aura (CON 15): With a Move Action, Subjects within a 10ft radius must make a Fortitude save (DC= 10+ level+ CON) or become Nauseated while within 10ft, up to once every 1d4 rounds.

Spell-Like Ability (Su): 1/day, cast a spell from the Spell Repertoire (it requires no Spellcasting Focus, verbal, somatic, or material components), it has an order numbering up to ⅓ level, CL numbering level, and uses CON as its Casting Modifier. Learn an appropriate spell if none are known. Can be taken multiple times, each time add another daily use and learn an additional spell if necessary.

Spell Resistance: Gain SR numbering 10+ level+ CHA. Can be taken multiple times. The second time it has a 50% chance to reflect a spell negated back at the caster. The third time it grants Immunity to known spells numbering Casting Modifier, to be chosen daily like a Spell Repertoire. The fourth time it grants Immunity to all spells.

Spider Climb: Gain a climb speed equal to land speed. Stick to horizontal and vertical surfaces without falling.

Stunning Gaze: With a Quick action, a target must succeed on a Will save or be Stunned for rounds numbering CHA. DC= 10+ level+ CHA. Requires eye contact.

Supernatural Flight (Su): 1/day gain a 60 fly speed with good maneuverability for 30 minutes. Can be taken twice to gain continuous flight.

Supernatural Sustenance: Immune to Starving and Dehydration.

Swallow Whole (Bite (Grab, Oversized)): After Grappling with a Bite against a target at least 2 sizes smaller, swallow the prey; inflict Bite damage and the Restrained Condition. To escape, the swallowed Subject must do damage (1/4 total HP) or roll [Athletics] opposed by Fortitude, either attempt consumes their turn.

Swarm Assault (Diminutive or smaller): Subjects amass, attacking as a group. Total the swarm’s HP, by summing the base Subject(s)’s HP (add Anatomy HD to the base Subject matching the Material HD Size). Instead of making an Attack Roll, move through spaces occupied by Subjects, forcing a Reflex save for half damage, DC= 10+ Current HP- Size (larger size penalties become bonuses for larger swarms). Calculate Damage Dice based on the size of the swarm plus CON. Halve (B, P, and S) damage. Double area damage received.

Telepathic (INT, WIS, or CHA 15): Communicate with thoughts; willing participants don't need to share a language. Read the surface thoughts of intelligent Subjects. Will resists, revealing only emotional states. DC= 10+ level+ the chosen Ability Modifier.

Tireless (CON 15): Immune to Fatigue.

True Dragon, Young (Dragon): Grow one size and gain +2 STR and CON. Bite and Gore attacks gain Reach.

Unholy Aura (Evil 10): Add CHA to saving throws and AC. All allies within 20ft have access to [Aligned Weapon- Evil] and use it with a Free Action.

Unholy Blight (Su) (Evil 10): 1/day use a Quick Action to add CHA to Attack Rolls & CHA and Evil ranks on Damage Rolls.

Vampiric Assault (Bite, Sting, or Tentacle): Recover HP numbering half the damage dealt with the appropriate weapon(s).

Vigor: HP rolled from HD are maximized.

Venomous: [Natural] Weapon(s) gain the [Contagion] trait and a Simple Potent Poison with a Fortitude DC= 10+ level+ CON. Can be taken multiple times to improve the Complexity or Potency.

Undead Anatomy: Undead Subject has no Constitution Score (roll a d12 instead of CON for HP). When applicable, use CHA in place of CON for feats and Class Features. Gain [Endure Elements], [Keen Senses] and [Undying]. Immune to Fortitude saves, Bleeding, Confusion, Dying, Fatigue, Nausea, Starving, Suffocating, and Unconsciousness.

Ghost STR -, +6 DEX; Bash (Finesse)

[Fluid Form] [Supernatural Flight II]

Skeleton +2 STR, +4 DEX; Bash (Oversize)

[Blindsight] [Damage Resistance(B)]

Zombie +4 STR, +2 DEX; Bite (Wound)

[Damage Resistance (S)] [Darkvision]

Undying: Negative Energy always restores HP. Gain a weakness to Positive Energy, taking double damage in place of healing.

Gain 5 Evil ranks.

Vermin Physiology: Body has listed traits.

Bobbit land 20 [Improved Grapple]

+4 STR; Bite (Oversize)

Clam land 20 [Burrowing]

+4 STR; Bite (Wound)

Colonial – [Rigid Form]

+8 STR, DEX -; none

Crab land 20 [Improved Grapple]

+4 STR; Claw (Grab)

Dragonfly fly 90 [Bane Attack (Vermin)]

+4 STR; Bite (Reach)

Flea land 50 [Plyometrics]

+4 DEX; Bite (Contagion)

Fly fly 80 [Vampiric Assault]

+4 DEX; Bite (Contagion)

Formic land 40 [Burrowing]

+4 STR; Bite (Grab)

Leech land 20 [Vampiric Assault]

+4 CON; Bite (Grab)

Medusa swim 40 [Fluid Form]

+4 DEX; Tentacle (Double)

Multipede land 40 [Defensive Stance]

+4 DEX; Bite (Contagion)

Lobster land 10; swim 20 [Devastating Critical]

+4 CON; Claw (Wound)

Oyster land 20 [Defensive Stance]

+4 CON; Bite (Wound)

Pathogen land – [Fluid Form]

+4 CON; Bite (Contagion)

Polyp land – [Hold the Line]

+4 STR; Tentacle (Grab)

Scalewing fly 40 [Hover]

+4 DEX; Wing (Double)

Scorpion land 50 [Venomous]

+4 STR; Claw (Double) Sting (Oversized)

Shieldwing land 20; fly 40 [Improved Trip]

+4 STR; Gore (Trip)

Shrimp swim 20 [Silent]

+4 DEX; Bite (Non-Lethal)

Slug land 5; climb 5 [Toughness]

+4 CON; Tentacle (Double)

Snail land 5; climb 5 [Carapace]

+4 STR; Sting (Contagion)

Spider land 30 [Graceful Assault]

+4 DEX; Bite (Wound)

Straightwing land 20; fly 40 [Plyometrics]

+4 STR; Bite (Finesse)

Vespine fly 60 [Track]

+4 DEX; Sting (Oversize)

Worm land 10 [Toughness]

+4 CON; Slam (Non-Lethal)

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